Glass curtain wall seepage control measures

Basic conditions cause water seepage and leaking walls, there are three: there is the presence of pores; the presence of water; there is seepage crack pressure difference exists. Eliminate one or more of these basic conditions are ways to combat water leakage: First, minimize pores; the second is sheltered from rain water, try not to make it wet gap; the third is to reduce wind pressure at the slit is wetted.
Consider first curtain wall construction design waterproof device 1. The design, the use of "equal pressure principle" settings on the aluminum curtain walls and special pressure chamber pressure introduction hole, so that other internal pressure chamber pressure introduction hole and external pressure balance through a special pressure , the pressure differential to move out of the reach of the indoor side of the rain, so there is no water at the air pressure difference while the site has no water pressure, to prevent the external walls of water using a pressure difference infiltration phenomenon.
2. The creation of the aluminum curtain wall flows outdoor drain holes, the outer walls of the discharge into the water to collect inside the walls through a small gap, and drain the isobaric chamber glass, aluminum and Lvkou strip between a small water.
3. The design may also consider setting up collection pipes and drainage pipes on the glass curtain wall, interior walls will penetrate into the cracks of water pooled together to smoothly discharged into the interior of a specified drain hole through drains.
4. Quality construction silicone sealant, weathering silicone sealant, glue the wall, but also to strengthen inspection to prevent the use of expired. Selection of high-quality float glass, edge processing glass must be approved by the glass Size error compliance.
5. Note that the control sealant environment, open air non-rainy weather silicone sealant construction. Construction workshop requires structural adhesive clean and free of dust, indoor temperature should not be higher than 27 ℃, relative humidity of not less than 50%.
6. The structural silicone sealant, weathering silicone sealant, glue dispensing front wall should first dust, grease, loose material aluminum frame, glass or slits on the dirt and other clean, should be fitted after dispensing fill dense, smooth surface, enhance conservation, to prevent the hand touch, flush and so on.
7. according to specifications, the glass curtain wall construction process should be layered for anti-water leakage performance checks, in order to repair, quality control curtain.